Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve gotten caught up in my life here and sometimes it’s hard to take the time and figure out how to translate all that has happened into a blog post. Haha! But to help fill in some cracks, I have two links here that give a good idea of the work I’ve been doing with my youth groups so far.

Here are pictures of my different youth and school groups as we are preparing for our parade in Masica’s carnival:

and here’s some other photos of my youth workshops:

And here is a link to my blog on artcorps where I post stories that more directly recount my work life here in Honduras:

I’m hoping to give a more detailed update after our parade. My work leading up to this parade has been a little all-consuming , but wanted to drop a quick line and pass on these links to my photos and Artcorps blog.